PLANET, a Das 2.3 Server

University of Iowa, Radio and Plasma Wave Group


This is a Das 2.3 (prototype) Server, it provides access to space physics data sources using a three distinct HTTP GET based query protocols:

Recent activity logs for your IP address are available.

Full use of this site requires a client progam capable of reading data in Das2 stream or QStream format. Autoplot is a general client for plotting many types of space physics data, including streams from this server, and the Das2 Clients from the University of Iowa provide specific interfaces tailored to certian data sets.

Since this server delivers information over HTTP, limited functionality is available using any standard web browser. Some example queries are provided below.

Das 2.3 Service Queries

Das 2.2 Service Queries

Though no examples are provided here, the 2.2 service protocol is supported by this server and will be supported indefinitly for the benefit of current client programs.

Helophysics API Support

All queries rooted at will respond to helophysics API requests as documented at